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Welcome to the world of Toreen. It is not my world. it is a world created through ideas of my own, from many friends, and from many more folks I have gamed with at some point.

In the Beginning

Continents and Nations
People of Toreen

Even if you cannot play every week, I encourage you to participate via Obsidian Portal, email, etc.

Gaming Opportunities/campaign Ideas

  • World Without Limits — You will play one of the Umegarik, the First. Your power is nearly without limit, and it is your world to make, own, and destroy. This character will be high level, mythic, and on its way to godhood. Also, you will play one of your own henchmen, sent off to do your bidding, because despite your best efforts, you cannot be everywhere at once. This campaign will be based on the continent Kartuus, but will be global in scale.
  • Broken Pieces — ages ago, your people fled the mad gods and their internecine wars. Now they have come down off the mountain, or up out of the hole, being called by a mysterious music out into a land where few can survive. You will play one of the survivors remaining on Kartuus during the post-apocalyptic Chaos Time. Low knowledge, low tech, high action.
  • The Light In the Darkness — Generations after the Umegarik tore themselves apart fighting for the ultimate power, the shorter lived races on far off shores were still trying to survive. Now, the sky is blue again, and the Meseidiaren trading port, Salamport, in Western Delim has begun to expand and there are remnants of the Chaos Time that need to be swept aside for roads, farms, and stability. You will play a “troubleshooter” dispatched into the wilds to make them safe for everyday people, and keep the loot along the way. This is the closest to “Old School D&D” among the choices.
  • For Glory, For Empire — Merchant guilds, nations, and religious organizations are in a rush to explore and colonize the middle and southern portions of the lush continent of Areiystis. This land is rumored to be the birthplace of dragons, and home to a temple connected to all of the Realms of Existence. You will play explorers, merchants, native guides, relic hunters, missionaries, etc. You will be tasked to explore out from the trading posts, pacify any native threats, gather resources and relics, encourage settlement and development, and, in a nutshell, nation-build. This will be a long story arc, possibly multi-generational, with plenty of downtime for crafting, side-quests, etc.
  • All the Devils Are Here — The Zalamiri Empire is mobilizing for war against the aggressive northern nation of Baerland. Every available troop within its hegemony is being trained and positioned. Every resource marshaled. You will play one of the newly drafted/recruited special mission soldiers, heading off to fight the enemies of your Empire in unusual ways, and hoping to earn Citizenship along the way.
  • Brave New World — This is an urban, steam-punk setting in the sprawling metropolis of Blackwater on the not-long-ago-discovered continent of Tulis. It will be full of intrigues, gadgets, sewers, carriage chases, and an unnatural, monolithic tower with no entrances or exits. You will play residents of or visitors to this strange metropolis. You will set into motion, or try to stop, the opening of the tower, and possibly find out what waits inside.
  • Per Audacia Ad Astra

House Rules

Character Building — character building will be different for each Gaming Opportunity (above). refer to the page for each Gaming Opportunity for Character Building rules.
What is Allowed — I will consider third party published material. It does not matter where that material comes from, but whether the character concept and mechanics work for the Gaming Opportunity and rest of the group. Summoners must use the Pathfinder Unchained version.
People of Toreen — mechanics for each of the Races/People is given at the end of the page for each.

“Miles are miles, days are days, and weather is weather.”JRR Tolkien

Home Page

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