Families of the Vale

Families of the Vale of Bailatuan

Azaonor – rangers, gardeners, and herbalists; family tradition of divine service; “life keeping flower”

Daethiniir – farmers and engineers; protectors of southern boundary; live on Southern Ridge; family tradition of arcane accomplishment; “white wings at dusk”

Dhoess – falconers and animal husbandry experts; feather motifs; Qi Simias blooded

GilmilyanBea’txo-blooded; family tradition of seafaring and exploration; “griffin-bond lord”

IaruiltharBea’txo-blooded; family reputation of beauty, diplomacy and magnetism; “noble friend of lords”

Mytherelion – master smiths; “master of emerald protection”

Relwinnian – master horse breeders and trainers; family tradition of Rochgweth cavalry exploits

Ridnesual – forest wardens and woodworking artisans; family tradition of Mavori spear or polearm infantry exploits; “holy spear heart”

TheraithualBea’txo-blooded; family tradition of Feywild connection; “holy sky home”; live mostly in Feywild city of same name

Uthynvin – sailors; family tradition of arcane accomplishments; “mage that brings storms”

Wynderion – vintners and horse-breeders; family tradition of Rochgweth cavalry exploits

Other Prominent Families in the Vale:
Evusmah – from near the Fey Barrier; a branch of the family is in Trajans, and another in Salamport; feuds with Sylthidar, Qi Simias relations
Hriveilmein – miners, prospectors
Jarharten – family tradition of seafaring and shipbuilding
Kymusdeth – jewelers and smiths of fine precious metals; “eternal ruby companion”
LymilvarErdoji and fey relatives; “promise of the wolf father”
Marinel – family tradition of seafaring and shipbuilding
NaviosiBea’txo-blooded; family currently holds post of Aerythian (“lord of the people’s law”, magistrate of Trajans) and Renaelon (“west gatekeeper”; master of coastal forces); known for impartiality and strong sense of duty
Renendre – woodworkers (“saebrar”) and tanners; protectors of the eastern “tip” of the Vale; family tradition of scouts and primal talents; “west autumn hounds”; came from Zynaris roughly 300 years ago
Rumsarten – merchants; merchant rivals with Sylthidar
Sylthidar – merchants that stretch across Bea’txo, Tumkayal Azkaderra , Qi Simias Azkaderra and Meseidiaren ; feud with Evusmah; merchant rivals with Rumsarten; more enemies than friends

Families of the Vale

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