Nations of the World


Neverending Wood of Zynaris – northern
Areiystis Jungle – jungle Grugan and Pymlion
very little as far a civilization; a few trading posts
high mountain range lines eastern edge
Jud – strip of near desert between mountains and sea
Westfuland – Kambral colony
Cabaland – marshy delta between Zynaris and Areiystis Jungle; Dunyabetia

Flenouwaye – Flen people, islands between Areiystis and Delim (Polynesian?)


Baerland – hilly, remote; Baltic/Kurd?
Barons of the Sorrow Hills – former Zalamiri penal slave colony, now independent
Great Fushenti Desert – home to Bedine on fringes, Kithayeen in heart
Dim-Tak – desert city renowned as the home of Palah Al-Din
Haqim – city-state on southern edge of Fushenti desert; independent of Zalamir and Maglion
Maglion – crossroads nation (Harappan/Aksum?)
Muchenwald – low tech, tribal; Gaelic/Pict?; Grand Duchy of the Lower Müchen
Umberland – Kambral area on far side of wald
Regal Islands
Vale of Bailatuan – home of Tumkayal Azkaderra ; Basque/Aquitanian
Katu-Bede – twin villages at mouth of river grew into city
Zalamir – grand trade empire (Persia/Assyria/Akkadia?; Holy Roman?)


Once the home of Umegarik, now a post-apocalyptic wasteland slowly drifting away from the other continents
Lost Dominion of Kartuus
Thadiss Nor – ruined city


- forgotten island where most of the Beat’xo retreated to after the Fall
Eternal Domain of Tsu’in Maritsa – “the cradle of the chosen people”
o Palace of Shou Tze
o The Celestial Princess ( Amatsuotome ) – gold & jade checkerboard heraldry
o Mausoleum of Splendors
o Egg of Everlasting Hope
o The Choosing – contest of 2^11 (2048) Grel leaders to determine consort of the Princess
o The Silver Palisades


Ang’s Shadow – desert
Qisimel Valley – home of Qi Simias Azkaderra
Thradon – ancestral home of the Kambral, strong mining and creation economy
Valdia – new world; plains Grugan; “Greater Valdian Free League”
- Washed Away Bend
- Zambrose City
- Blackwater/Detritus
- Hawkmoon
- Port Silversmith
- Krantas Point
- Angelina
- Belle Plaine
- Greenfield
- Three Forts (Valor, Honor, Might)
- Westford
- Gentle Bend
- Danby’s Bluff
- Respite
- Verdansk

Santuish (san-TWEESH) – forgotten island

Nations of the World

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