Broken Pieces

Ages ago, your people fled the mad gods and their internecine wars. Now they have come down off the mountain, or up out of the hole, being called by a mysterious music out into a land where few can survive. You will play one of the survivors remaining on Kartuus during the post-apocalyptic Chaos Time.

Low knowledge, weird tech, high action.

This continent, Kartuus, is cut off from the rest of the world, even from divine magic, but surges of arcane magic swirl in the wind and psychic energies abound. Passing ships only see an impenetrable haze, and either flounder or pass by pretending the phenomenon is not there.

Character Building for Broken Pieces

The only divine casting classes are Druid and Ranger (and the like), and even that will come at a cost. Healing will usually come from rest or consuming the life force (eating flesh, drinking blood) of another (still working out this mechanic).

Also, you will be playing the descendants of twisted and lost Umegarrik experiments, so your racial selection will be skewed toward the highly weird, or potentially a victim of a shipwreck.

No more than 1 rank in any Knowledge, Craft, and/or Profession skills per 2 levels, and must be approved by me. Handle Animal, Spellcraft, Survival, and Use Magic Device will be at a premium.

All magical, alchemical, metal, and/or finely crafted gear must be approved by me to start with. This low/weird tech environment will challenge us.

Broken Pieces

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