Brave New World

This is an urban, steam-punk setting in the sprawling metropolis of Blackwater on the not-long-ago-discovered continent of Tulis. It will be full of intrigues, gadgets, sewers, carriage chases, and an unnatural, monolithic tower with no entrances or exits. You will play residents of or visitors to this strange metropolis. You will set into motion, or try to stop, the opening of the tower, and possibly find out what waits inside.

“The march of progress cannot be stopped, but it can be used to grind your rivals to dust.” —Eydvund Torgish Biles IV

This setting features brass and copper clockwork and steam-powered inventions that go far beyond 19th century technology. Mechanical wonders, dirigibles and airships, clockwork creatures and creations can all be found here. It is a dark, gritty, greasy, smoke-filled city, where upper and lower classes intermingle more and more on the fringes.

Character Creation for Brave New World

All races and all classes can be found in the city of Blackwater, but an emphasis on theme during character creation is a must.

Brave New World

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