Lissehteleindil Wenyamrunmion sy Wyndierion


Lisseh generally has tanned golden bronze skin from her extended time outdoors. Her eyes are violet, generally bright and bold, but paling when exhausted or ill. Her hair is a quirk of her bloodline and homeland, by the root a deep beet red, quickly shifting to magenta, then pink and then fading to a stark white, just like a number of those on her father’s side of the family.

She is quite tall (5’11”), looking most men in the eye, or even slightly above. She has kept her hair short, so no white shows, but in the field it is all covered by a bandana and boonie hat, keeping in the utilitarian mode of her dress and gear, except for her family blades. While in training, she is in peak physical condition, lean but curved, taut yet lithe, with the feral gaze of a hunter. She now bears the Mark of Erkennon, a mystical quasi-tattoo, on her right shoulder blade, and a recently-added tattoo of a Sunset Lily on her abdomen.

Lisseh is socially reserved, a bit gullible, head-strong, impatient with others, uncouth, poorly educated, untamed, self-righteous and occasionally ill-mannered. She lives by a military code of honor taught to her by her clan patriarch, and the egalitarian principles of the Silvered Rules of Sehanine. She has learned that actions tell the true tale of a person. Lisseh refuses to be categorized or tied down, zigging when expected to zag. She personifies the chaotic motion of youthful dance and the infinite patience of the hunter.

She has few friends, with always something driving them apart, and her only friend in training washed out after an overly-violent fit. She believes she is cursed to have no friends, as something always happens to those friendships that form. She will never reveal her belief that she is cursed to anyone.

Lisseh will accomplish her mission no matter what, and will work through what it will take to get it done, but she is still learning how to trust and embrace the talents of those around her. She is very serious about her family’s history and her familial duty. She works to please others.

Lisseh loves dancing, escaping into the thoughtless movement timed to the music. She loves everything about hunting: sleeping under the stars, the quiet stillness of the morning, the Darwinian outcome. She also loves waking up to the smell of her grandmother’s sweetcakes, and that weak-in-the-knees feeling she gets from her cousin Tobion.

Lisseh hates her older brother’s cowardice and her mother’s manipulative nature. As Lisseh has little experience with goblins and kobolds, she only has a very prejudicial view of them, formed only from tales and myths she heard as a child. The greatest fear of Lisseh is to be honorless, a coward, or without her legs. Not being able to walk, would be the worse affliction Lisseh could imagine.

She reveres Sehanine. Until recently, she was not terribly devout and did not consider religious issues. In training, she used religion as an outlet for her loneliness, and now after finding the Ankh of Sehanine, she takes a far more serious somber attitude toward her faith.

She does not discuss political issues. She sees herself now as an instrument of policy of the current government, which would make it inadvisable to comment positively nor negatively. This she learned from Pater Tobiasion, and she has taken it to heart.

Her mother has tried to impress upon Lisseh the manners and expectations of an elven lady throughout her youth. Little of these lessons, and even fewer of the dresses, survived to adulthood, but there is still a mote of these teachings in Lisseh to irritate her untamed heart.

Lisseh is very particular about where she steps. She plays with her right ear when bored. She always over-prepares ahead when she can. She always prays for everyone she can think of when she first sees the moon Sehanine. After double-checking her own gear, she always checks Jez’s gear.


Her name translates as “sweet spring lilies with fresh morning dew”. Wyndierion is her family name.

“Lisseh” is a common diminutive of her name. Amongst who knew her in childhood, she is called Marya (“fawn”), due to her full-speed-ahead clumsiness, paired with occasionally surprising grace. During training, some with knowledge of Elvish took to calling her “Lily”, which she tolerates, and will even use as an alias amongst non-Elves.

Some of the “heavies” at training call her “Butch” due to her lack of traditional feminine ways, but only when they think they are out of hearing range, even though they rarely are. That name was originated by Gissele Cynes, unbeknownst to Lisseh.

“Blood Knife” is a nickname given to her by her fellow trainees, led by the “heavies”, on the hike back from the Final Challenge due to her exploits there, including dropping two of the three Master Sergeants who were hunting them. Her further gruesome bravado during the missions prior to leaving for Genabaris has reinforced the nickname.

“Lila” is her cover name while disguised as a courier.

Lisseh has never had much ambition her only goal is to serve Perillon in honor of her family, to extend her family’s long military tradition. Duty, honor and accomplishment are what she lives for right now, but part of that duty is to Sehanine.
As Lisseh’s mother likes to remind her, Lisseh’s birth was a long and difficult exercise, poorly timed (about two weeks early), and misplaced (in a dugout, where her mother and midwife took shelter as a late season blizzard roared outside). The traveling party that was escorting them were less than five miles from home, but still in a high pass above the Vale when forced to stop at a scouting outpost by a sudden blizzard. The labor lasted for most of the night, and the birth was breach. It is a tale her mother retells often, fishing for guilt and sorrow.

She was always the strongest and toughest of her age, and she would bully any bullies until everyone got a fair share, which did not endear her to many playmates. Most elders saw her as a half-feral child, not entirely raised correctly. Her mother learned early how to placate other parents whose children were mysteriously injured, lost or terrorized.

She has learned many things over the course of her life, despite her best efforts to the contrary. Her mother insisted on Lisseh learning the womanly skills of cooking, sewing and managing a household. From her father and uncle, she learned to hunt. From her father’s family, after her father died, she has learned many martial skills, and of the family’s military traditions and obligations. From her Uncle Kurza and Aunt Selesy, she learned to dance. From her mother, she has learned to be as difficult as possible. The one thing she did not learn was how to open a book in a meaningful way.

Relatives of Note
Family patriarch and paternal great-great-grandfather, Tobiasion “Flazhik” Wyndierion, a long-retired much-decorated Alliance Colonel who retired as the Rochir of the Rochgweth, a storied cavalry unit of the Vale, who has taken some of every generation under his wing and instructed them personally in the military arts and the history, duty and traditions of the clan. “Flazhik” is a nickname earned from the enemy during his service during the Goblinoid Wars.

Lisseh’s father, Tobelion Wynesci, was a man worn down by his family’s obligations and traditions. He died seven years ago defending a series of human villages on the SW frontier.

Lisseh’s mother, Quiniasa Sibvonias, is a “City Elf” who fell in love with a dashing cavalry Lieutenant, Tobelion, on parade almost 30 years ago. Marrying a cavalry officer constantly being deployed in the field, moving to the Vale, and falling under the patriarchy of Tobiasion as head of the Wynderion clan has made her high strung and prone to over-manipuating even some of the simplest of situations. Her first-born, Orhun, is her pride, excelling in wizardry like her father, and like she once dreamed. Lisseh, the middle child, has been her bane, an unrepentent tom boy when a proper, educated lady was the goal. Tobiesquu, is her joy, always knowing what she needs or wants from him, even at only age 10.

Her older brother, Sheelalamrun Orhunaprod (“Spring festival sunrise over the east mountains”, dim. “Orhun”), is spoiled and doted on by her mother and maternal grandfather, who is his mentor in magical research at Cientificus. She at one time referred to him contemptuously as “Valistar” (“archmage”).

Her younger brother, Tobiesquu Wynerdieras, age 10, is a child separate from the rivalries of his older siblings, strong of mind, body and spirit, and has provided no problems for his mother. He is blessed with a plentitude of talents and is supremely oblivious to how exceptional he is in nearly every area. He never knew his father, who died before his last son was born.

Lisseh’s paternal great-grandmother, Lissandrias Weymionder (deceased), was once the object of affection for Barilis O’Fallon, a soldier serving under her father at the time. She instead married a proper, but somewhat foppish young lieutenant. They both perished many years later, lost at sea during a storm.

Lisseh’s paternal grandmother, Lyssiandysa Wyndierionis, daughter of Lissandrias, mother of Tobelion and Tyssiandris. She is the mother of 17, with four different husbands (all now deceased). She was on her honeymoon with her third husband when her parents were lost at sea.

Her maternal grandfather, Veswylion Sibvonias, father of Quiniasa. He is a noted magical theorist and researcher at Cientificus, and is currently supervising Ohrun’s training and research there.

Great Uncle Sweyuthias Wyndierion, paternal great uncle, brother of Lyssiandysa, who is a now-retired, long-time veteran and likely successor to Tobiason as family patriarch. He was the last to carry the Sword of Wyndierion into the field.

Uncle Tyssiandris Wynerdieras, paternal uncle who nurtured Lisseh’s love for hunting, much to the chagrine of Lisseh’s mother. He also brought the girl’s exploits to the attention of family patriarch, Tobiasion Wyndierion. He is the godfather to Tobiesquu.

Uncle Kurza and Aunt Selecy, fun-loving distant relatives from the Sibvonias family. They wander from the hospitality of one family member to another, always bringing lively stories and joyous tidings. They taught Lisseh to dance at her sixth birthday party.

Tobion Wyndierion, a distant cousin nearly a year older than Lisseh who was Lisseh’s first kiss, and despite his quick rejection, she still has a crush on him. He is a cavalry corporal, graduating in the same trainee class as Lisseh.

Important Non-Relatives
Sescunius Naviosi is the son of the head magistrate in the Vale. He has a crush on her, but she only sees him as a hunting pal. Lisseh’s mother at one time hoped to matchmake the two of them, but now she hopes that Lisseh simply doesn’t get herself killed “playing soldier.”

Old Syssia is the ancient family servant who taught Lisseh to sew, cook and many lessons about life. She is said to be an amateur soothsayer.

Helena—private, Elven, Rogue, one of 13 in training at Ramshorn who did not make it through to the Final Challenge, she was expelled after an overly-violent fit; only close friend of Lisseh while in Ramshorn; Lisseh knows she just didn’t seem stable, but was still saddened by the sudden separation.

Lissehteleindil Wenyamrunmion sy Wyndierion

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